Blog #6: Body Image - Cont.

Minimize the Thighs:

Yes, it is difficult to hide thighs which are not in proportion with the waist and we can really struggle with this part of our body image. To help you out with your wardrobe choices, know that it is important to buy clothing that drapes over your frame rather than clinging to it. We don't want to accentuate your thighs: we want to disguise them with the appropriate clothes.

To accomplish this, here are a few tips to consider. Avoid wearing pants that have draw string waists or are tight at the ankles. These pants will make the thighs look larger and draw the eyes to the hips and bottom area.

As alternatives, choose jeans and slacks that are wider in the legs, have inset pockets, are all one tone or offer a vertical pinstripe to lengthen the appearance of the body.

A-line dresses will frame the body vertically up and down rather than separate the frame into sections. Wear darker colours over the hips to minimize the appearance of the thighs as darker colours will receded. Wearing brighter colours on top will draw the eye away from the thigh area and closer to your face which is ideal.

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