BLOG #15:


Should your body type be a bit larger in the hip area, consider avoiding pants that are tight at the ankles as this style draws the eye to the hip and bottom area. Consider a slightly flared or straight legged pant that can be worn successfully on most body types.


Selecting the right purse for your body frame is just as important as choosing the best colours for your skin tone. The right purse will enhance the body image while the wrong purse will completely overthrow personal style and detract from your appearance. It is very important to choose selectively. Decide on the colour, shape and size that best suits your body size and true personal style.

When shopping for a purse, remember that size, colour, pattern and length of the purse strap are all important aspects to keep in mind. If you have a larger body frame, try to keep your purse to a medium size, not large and definitely not baggy, Here, the best options would be a mid-sized clutch carried under the arm or a structured bag with straps that when worn over the shoulder, drops down only as far as the waist. Slinging a purse over the shoulder minimizes the length of the body while increasing the overall appearance of body size.

Bold colours and patterns are suggested as they create interest and stand out like a feature piece. Smaller body frames can wear larger purses draped over the shoulder or extended across their body providing a youthful appeal.

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