BLOG #16:


Determining a good fit in your clothing is essential to proportionally present yourself for a positive visual effect. Quality, price or colour will not save you if the final element, which is fit, has been disregarded. Give every effort you can to select clothes that really fit your body properly. See fitness tests below.

Here are some fitness tests to assist you in making informed choices:

  1. Your hips should not bulge over the waistband;

  2. a good fit with a blouse is when it sits smoothly between the buttons;

  3. any zippers should work properly;

  4. check for sagging in the rear of pants;

  5. when trying on pants, look for any puckering of the material that extends over the crotch area. A good way to test this is simply to bend forward and take a look to see if the material is puckering out. If it is, the pants design does not suit your body;

  6. check to see if the stripes or patterns hand properly on your frame or if they twist and turn or hang out of alignment;

  7. make sure that any knit item still retains it's shape around the neck, waist and wrists;

  8. sleeves should always meet at the wrist and not extend over the back of the hand; and

  9. jacket cuffs should not be shorter than the sleeves of a blouse worn under it.

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