About Us

     What can we say, we love to shop.


     Yes, we love the thrill of finding something very special so we can look and feel uniquely ourselves... because we are special and we deserve to look the part every day.  It is from this passion and our love for retail therapy, The Naked Shopper was created.  Each of us has our own unique individual style and looking amazing shouldn't have to break the bank.


     We are always on the lookout for pre-loved brands and designer styles in like-new condition which we then price well below retail value.  Visit us often and If you see something you love, snatch it up before it’s gone as all items offered for sale are a 'one and only' here at The Naked Shopper.  The variety we offer in our ever-changing stock is just as important to us as the sticker price.


     We believe every woman deserves to look confident and feel gorgeous…so here we are…women supporting women…..in finding clothing they will truly love.  

             Feel free to ask us questions.

             We are always happy to help!


Consignment Basics


What We Do


  • The Naked Shopper is an on-line clothes shop for quality brands and luxury pre-loved women's clothing.

  • We receive selective clothing items from the public via pre-paid shipping.

  • Items meeting our standards are posted for sale at the normal ratio rate utilized by brick and mortar consignment shops...40% to the seller and 60% to The Naked Shopper.  We also offer for sale women's clothing sourced and hand selected exclusively by The Naked Shopper.

  • A shipping rate of $10.99 (Canada Post starting parcel rate) is applied to each shipment and we provide free shipping on all purchases over $50.00 so combining your purchases will save you $$'s.

  • At The Naked Shopper your clothing will be handled with care and not rummaged through by the public which causes wear, damage and stains reducing the value of your items.

  • We accept trendy, quality name brands and designer women's clothing which we sell well below retail. We do not accept fur coats, wedding apparel, swimwear or lingerie.

  • Expenses are kept low to ensure buyers receive the best possible deals.

  • We cover the cost of photography, marketing and advertising.

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 Renting a Closet

For those who would like to manage their own sales, we offer 'Closet  Rentals' at $59.00 for three months and $79.00 for six months (closet are rented via etransfer.)  When choosing one of these options, the seller sends photos, prices and details of their items for sale to The Naked Shopper.  We will post the items in your personal closet on The Naked Shopper website.  When an item is sold, seller receives 60% and The Naked Shopper receives 40%.  Seller ships items to the buyer at their cost and 14 days later seller is paid (via etransfer) for sold items.  Seller accepts responsibility of any returns.

Quality Standards

No signs of wear including fading, piling, stains or shrinkage.

No damage such as missing buttons, torn seams, perspiration marks, frayed cuffs, torn pocket lining, zipper damage, pet hairs, smoke smell or alterations.  All unacceptable items are returned (at owners expense) or sold at clearance.

Getting Paid for Your Items

When one of your items is purchased, you will be paid 14 days after the sale.  If the item is returned, you will be paid out as soon as the item sells for the second time.


Consignment Timeline


Every item must meet our Quality Control Standards.  An additional Steam Clean is provided prior to listing.


Each item is professioinally photographed to help  them sell quickly.


Detailed product descriptions are provided along with comparable retail prices.


We carefully package all sale items for safe delivery to purchaser.

Pastel Color Clothes


  • Any unsold items will be (at the sellers discretion) sold at clearance with the proceeds donated to charity or returned to owner (at their expense.)  We do take into consideration the seller's input on special items.

  • We give quality clothing a second chance at life and help you earn $$$'s along the way.

  • An up to three week time frame is allotted from when a garment is received and when it is posted for sale.  We make every effort to post items for sale as quickly as possible.

  • Sale prices are determined by The Naked Shopper.  For high value ticket items, the sale price can be coordinated with the seller.

  • Returns are accepted up to seven days from date of purchase.

  • All clothing are put through a rigorous Quality Control check with only clean and well cared for items accepted. Additional onsite steam cleaning is also provided.

  • Each item will remain on display and advertised for sale for 4 months (with some exceptions.)


NOTE: Brands Not Accepted (among others):

  • Walmart

  • Forever 21

  • Cleo

  • Reitmans

  • Joe Fresh

  • H&M

  • Le Chateau

  • Smart Set

  • Handbags are final sale items and non-returnable.

  • At present, we serve the province of Ontario.  As we grow, other areas may be added.

It's that easy!

We are only a click away.

Contact us for further information and to receive prepaid shipping.


Pay Seller

All items are shipped using Standard Mail services.

Payment to seller is made 14 days following sale of items.

I like my money right where I can see it:   Hanging in my closet!                                                                                                                                                                   ...Carrie Bradshaw    (Sex and   the City)