Blog #1: How to Achieve Your Own Style at a Price You Can Afford!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

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Blog #1: Do I Have a Style?

In today's post I will describe various Clothing Styles and how you can achieve an identifiable Style all your own. Style development is not as challenging as you might think. Read along and find out just how easy it can be.

Every woman has a style. Unfortunately, many women are not aware of what their style is. To help you discover your own individual style, let's begin with Period Clothing.

As a good design is always in fashion, many women intentionally add specific pieces to their wardrobe that reflects a time frame from the past. This type of wardrobe assembly enables a woman to step into the past with personal flair and develop a unique style all her own.

If you are a Clothes Diva in love with flowing fabrics, unique cuts in design and luxurious accessories then you may find yourself passionate about early Vintage clothing from the 1930's and 1940's. During this era, women adorned themselves with beautiful flowing gowns and fur wraps for evenings out and for the day, tailored skirt and jacket suits with coordinating hats, gloves, shoes and purse.

The most identifiable element of the Vintage clothing era belongs to the cut of the fabric and uniqueness of design. Look for rich shorn velvets, shimmering silks, lace, georgette, chiffons, elbow length gloves, small handbags and hats with little veils or broaches. The dresses will be small waisted, lengthy and body shaping. The deep angle cuts in the drop of the dress are unique to the shape and intent of the flow of the fabric.

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