Blog #5: Body Image

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Create Waist Definition:

Since all body types are enhanced with soft definition at the waist, consider tailored jackets and blouses that have seams which pull the fabric together in the back, sides or front. These seams will create the visual illusion of a shapely figure.

Opt for skirts and dresses that provide a slight flare off the hips and choose wide belts in dark colours to accentuate the waist area. A wrap top would increase the appearance of the bust size and create a visually smaller waist.

Craft a Slim Look:

By draping a long scarf around the next and down the front of the body, you can create a more slender body image. Purchasing pants that are all one tone with inset pockets will also help to create an elongated body look. Consider high-waisted dresses, pencil skirts and longer sweaters with interest as the hems such as a fringe, cut-ins or patterns.

Wearing one overall colour, known as monochromatic, will create a vertical look which is more slimming. You could also wear high heel shoes paired with pants that extend over the shoes to a point that they almost disappear. This will definitely elongate the body and make you appear slimmer.

Avoid short jackets and crop tops and instead, choose more lengthy options to draw the eye down the body vertically.

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