Blog #4: Clothing Styles

Professional Look:

For the Professional Look, The Naked Shopper looks for clothing that will stand up over a long day at the office and still remain comfortable. As career women, they lean towards tailored wardrobe essentials such as jackets, skirts, blouses, sweaters and pant suits. Their shoes will be comfortable and their handbags undefined with limited accessories.

The fabric choice for these shoppers includes wool blends, high end cottons and combinations of polyester with other durable fabrics. Clear, crisp lines in fashionable clothing to merely frame their body rather than accentuate it, is a must. The result is a wardrobe fully defined by The understated quality in design and fabric adorned with striking yet minimal jewellery.

Casual Clothes Look:

The Casual Clothes Naked Shopper looks for clothing basics that are comfortable, durable and require minimum maintenance.

Fitness apparel and sportswear should fit well with separates dominating their wardrobe to ensure continuous mixing and matching of pieces. Evening apparel may include soft textures that are easily worn and not fussy.

Their wardrobe usually features simple basics perfect for the soccer, baseball or hockey Mom and fitness conscious individuals. Outdoor apparel is warm and natural looking, always keeping comfort and durability in mind.

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