Blog #3: Style Definitions

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Artsy, Creative Flair:

To dress with Artsy, Creative Flair, you would focus on a more freely intuitive perspective

to the clothes you wear. You are identifying your individualism through your clothing pieces.

Each piece is brought together by the layering of various natural fabrics. Beyond the fabric choice, specialized pieces of jewellery such as large rings, creative bracelets, large belts, unique scarves and broaches are all a must for the Artsy shopper.

Colourful and creative, Artsy dressing women are very confident and expressive in the way they mix and match their wardrobe. The results are signature pieces that are not one standalone item but rather the entire package of every outfit. They are happy, comfortable and fully confident in their uniquely packaged style.

Classic Wardrobe Builder:

Classic is an enduring clothing style that demonstrates the impact of combining both traditional and contemporary clothing pieces. The Classic shopper looks for very specific articles while continuously building their wardrobe. As a style choice founded on undeniable consistency in quality, comfort and accessory combinations, the Classic shopper is always smartly dressed with a good fit in clothing and a posh sense of attitude. Their wardrobe usually includes a collection of knitwear, linen trousers, close to the body jackets, long coats and scarves, several pairs of gloves versatile handbags and coordinating stylish shoes. The Classic shopper is a wardrobe builder who mixes and matches their clothing continuously for maximum coordination of wardrobe pieces.

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